PhD/Visitor Positions

I'm actively recruiting (self-motivated and active) PhD students. Please contact me if you are a self-motivated PhD student (or graduate student interested in our PhD program) with strong programming skills and strong interests in software analysis, security and machine learning as well as deep learning.


Monash University is one of the prestigious universities in Australia. It is a member of “Group of Eight”. Monash University is ranked in the top 60 globally in the following ranking systems:

Research Group

Group members can be found here SMAT Lab. This research group mainly focuses on developing practical techniques to assure software quality and secure software systems for social good. In particular, our research mainly lies in the following directions: Mobile Software Engineering and Intelligent Software Engineering.

Requirements for External Students

Requirements for Monash Students

For PhD Applicant, I normally take students who have worked with me for a couple of months (e.g., through minor/honour thesis). So it would be better if you can contact me a couple of months before to express your interest. Also, you may probably require to For minor/honour thesis applicants, you will require to Others can be found at


There is no deadline, and you can apply at anytime of the year!


Please send me your CV, transcripts, publication list, and research topics (not have to be the one listed above) that you are interested in. Due to large number of applications, I may only reply to selected applicants.
Email: at