[2018-05] Our paper entitled "CiD: Automating the Detection of API-related Compatibility Issues in Android Apps" was accepted to ISSTA 2018
[2018-03] Our workshop proposal on Advances in Mobile App Analysis (A-Mobile 2018) was accepted to co-located with ASE 2018.
[2018-03] Two papers entitled "Characterising Deprecated Android APIs" and "Why are Android Apps Removed From Google Play? A Large-scale Empirical Study" accepted to MSR 2018
[2018-02] I was invited to be a PC member for the Research Track of ICSME 2018, the best conference for Software Maintenance and Evolution
[2018-02] I joined the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, Australia as a Lecturer
[2017-12] One paper entitled "FaCoY – A Code-to-Code Search Engine" accepted to ICSE 2018